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A Model For Integrating Actual Neurotic Or Unrepresented States And Symbolized Aspects Of Intrapsychic Conflict

The Psychoanalytic Quarterly

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In psychoanalytic theory, the importance of actual neuroses—considered to be devoid of psychic content—diminished as Freud and subsequent analysts focused on unconscious intrapsychic conflict. This paper explores the relationship between actual neurotic and unrepresented states, which are believed to be best addressed through attention to countertransference, intersubjectivity, and enactments rather than interpretation of intrapsychic conflict. Models suggesting how actual neurotic states and symbolized intrapsychic conflict may interact with each other and environmental stressors are described. Symbolizing actual neurotic states and establishing meaningful linkages between somatic/affective experiences and intrapsychic conflict are viewed as necessary for effective treatment of many disorders.