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Kripalu Yoga for Military Veterans With PTSD: A Randomized Trial

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Journal of Clinical Psychology

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Objectives This randomized controlled trial of yoga for military veterans and active duty personnel with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) evaluated the efficacy of a 10‐week yoga intervention on PTSD. Method Fifty‐one participants were randomized into yoga or no‐treatment assessment‐only control groups. Primary outcome measures included questionnaires and the Clinician Administered PTSD Scale. Results Both yoga (n = 9) and control (n = 6) participants showed significant decreases in reexperiencing symptoms, with no significant between‐group differences. Secondary within‐group analyses of a self‐selected wait‐list yoga group (n = 7) showed significant reductions in PTSD symptoms after yoga participation, in contrast to their control group participation. Consistent with current literature regarding high rates of PTSD treatment dropout for veterans, this study faced challenges retaining participants across conditions. Conclusion These results are consistent with recent literature indicating that yoga may have potential as a PTSD therapy in a veteran or military population. However, additional larger sample size trials are necessary to confirm this conclusion.