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A study of regulatory policies and relevant issues concerning electronic cigarette use in Taiwan

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The International Journal of Health Planning and Management

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Recent technological innovations have increased the amount of tobacco products available to smokers. In particular, electronic cigarettes, sometimes call e‐cigarettes, have received substantial attention as their sales have rapidly increased. Electronic cigarettes were invented in China and now have become prevalent worldwide. Electronic cigarettes can be considered fashionable and come in numerous flavors; accordingly, many young adults and students have begun to use e‐cigarettes. However, like traditional tobacco products, e‐cigarettes have negative influences on human health. After e‐cigarettes were introduced into Taiwan, they have not been effectively managed and regulated because of insufficient supporting measures. Related legislation in developed countries can serve as a reference for Taiwan. For this study, the development of e‐cigarettes is described and a theoretical analysis was performed from the administration and legal perspectives. In addition to clarifying related problems and offering measures to prevent students from using e‐cigarettes, we propose suggestions to help governments improve their strategies to protect students' health.