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YouTube for Good: A Content Analysis and Examination of Elicitors of Self‐Transcendent Media

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Journal of Communication

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Despite the increased attention to eudaimonic media experiences, to date scholars have paid little attention to the specific portrayals responsible for those experiences. Study 1 of this project reports the first systematic content analysis of self‐transcendent media—a particular type of eudaimonic media—using a sample of 100 “inspirational” YouTube videos. The presence of 20 specific elicitors associated with self‐transcendent emotions was examined and reported. In Study 2, respondents provided real‐time self‐transcendent emotional reactions while viewing 3 “inspirational” videos. As expected, ratings significantly increased immediately following exposure to each specific elicitor. Thus, this project reports the first empirical evidence directly linking specific representations to content identified as “inspirational” and directly linking those representations to self‐transcendent emotional reactions.