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Dissemination before evidence? What are the driving forces behind the dissemination of mindfulness‐based interventions?


Clinical Psychology

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--- - |2 Abstract During the past decades, there has been a rapidly growing interest in mindfulness‐based interventions (MBIs). Although a number of clinical trials on MBIs have been conducted, the evidence base for MBIs is still limited. Nevertheless, a rapid dissemination of MBIs has taken place and it can be argued that, in the case of MBIs, dissemination came before evidence. We contend that, in addition to empirical arguments, a complex mixture of historical, social, and psychological factors has fueled the acceptance of MBIs. In particular, (a) historical developments of Buddhism, (b) characteristics of the current zeitgeist, (c) the specific role of spirituality in MBIs, and (d) aspects of the health‐care system have promoted the dissemination of MBIs. - 'Clinical Psychology: Science and Practice, Volume 25, Issue 3, September 2018.