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Integrated bioinformatic analysis reveals YWHAB as a novel diagnostic biomarker for idiopathic pulmonary arterial hypertension

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Journal of Cellular Physiology

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--- - "\nAbstract\nIdiopathic pulmonary arterial hypertension (IPAH) is a severe cardiovascular disease that is a serious threat to human life. However, the specific diagnostic biomarkers have not been fully clarified and candidate regulatory targets for IPAH have not been identified. The aim of this study was to explore the potential diagnostic biomarkers and possible regulatory targets of IPAH. We performed a weighted gene coexpression network analysis and calculated module‐trait correlations based on a public microarray data set (GSE703) and six modules were found to be related to IPAH. Two modules which have the strongest correlation with IPAH were further analyzed and the top 10 hub genes in the two modules were identified. Furthermore, we validated the data by quantitative real‐time polymerase chain reaction (qRT‐PCR) in an independent sample set originated from our study center. Overall, the qRT‐PCR results were consistent with most of the results of the microarray analysis. Intriguingly, the highest change was found for YWHAB, a gene encodes a protein belonging to the 14‐3‐3 family of proteins, members of which mediate signal transduction by binding to phosphoserine‐containing proteins. Thus, \nYWHAB was subsequently selected for validation. In congruent with the gene expression analysis, plasma 14‐3‐3β concentrations were significantly increased in patients with IPAH compared with healthy controls, and 14‐3‐3β expression was also positively correlated with mean pulmonary artery pressure (\nR\n2 = 0.8783; \np < 0.001). Taken together, using weighted gene coexpression analysis, \nYWHAB was identified and validated in association with IPAH progression, which might serve as a biomarker and/or therapeutic target for IPAH." - Journal of Cellular Physiology, EarlyView.