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Vascular and inflammatory mineralocorticoid receptors in kidney disease


Acta Physiologica

Published online on


--- - |2 Abstract Mineralocorticoid receptor (MR) activation in the kidney can occur outside the aldosterone‐sensitive distal nephron in sites including the endothelium, smooth muscle and inflammatory cells. MR activation in these cells has deleterious effects on kidney structure and function by promoting oxidative injury, endothelial dysfunction and stiffness, vascular remodelling and calcification, decreased relaxation and activation of T cells and pro‐inflammatory macrophages. Here, we review the data showing the cellular consequences of MR activation in endothelial, smooth muscle and inflammatory cells and how this affects the kidney in pathological situations. The evidence demonstrating a benefit of pharmacological or genetic MR inhibition in various models of kidney disease is also discussed. - 'Acta Physiologica, EarlyView. '