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The tRNA‐associated dysregulation in immune responses and immune diseases

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Acta Physiologica

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--- - |2 Abstract Transfer RNA (tRNA), often considered as a housekeeping molecule, mainly participates in protein translation by transporting amino acids to the ribosome. Nevertheless, accumulating evidence has shown that tRNAs are closely related to various physiological and pathological processes. The proper functioning of the immune system is the key to human health. The aim of this review is to investigate the relationships between tRNAs and the immune system. We detail the biogenesis and structure of tRNAs and summarize the pathogen tRNA‐mediated infection and host responses. In addition, we address recent advances in different aspects of tRNA‐associated dysregulation in immune responses and immune diseases, such as tRNA molecules, tRNA modifications, tRNA derivatives and tRNA aminoacylation. Therefore, tRNAs play an important role in immune regulation. Although our knowledge of tRNAs in the context of immunity remains, for the most part, unknown, this field deserves in‐depth research to provide new ideas for the treatment of immune diseases. - 'Acta Physiologica, EarlyView. '