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Forging a Pure Military Identity: The Rise of Jurchen Heritage in Northeast Asia (15th–17th Century)

Journal of Historical Sociology

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["\nAbstract\nProminent studies of the Qing dynasty's military evolution in the field of comparative military history, which is heavily dependent on the binary conception of “West–China,” have failed to present the early military heritage of the dynasty. Unlike previous studies, this paper aims to find a new voice for the early Qing military inheritance, as a reflection of past West–China comparative studies that have continued to discriminate between Western and Chinese military merits and demerits and to ignore the early Qing military approach. By presenting the economic and military interconnections between the Manchu (the Jianzhou Jurchens, the Jianzhou confederation, and Nurhaci), Ming, and Chosŏn, this article reveals that early economic and military development through border trade, tributary trade, and predatory behaviors enabled the Manchus to establish the Later Jin and Qing states. Understanding early Manchu military history helps us put forward an important but less studied military heritage of Qing.\n", "Journal of Historical Sociology, EarlyView. "]