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Relationship between psychopathic traits and moral sensitivity in a university student sample

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Legal and Criminological Psychology

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["Legal and Criminological Psychology, Volume 27, Issue 2, Page 216-233, September 2022. ", "\nAbstract\n\nPurpose\nThis study aims to analyse the relationship between psychopathic traits and moral sensitivity. Theoretically it is said that amoral behaviour characterizes individuals with psychopathy, and it is expected that they do not follow the rules, being devoid of moral sensitivity.\n\n\nMethod\nThus, it was intended to: investigate the differences in psychopathy and moral sensitivity according to gender; analyse the associations between psychopathy and moral sensitivity and explore the relationship between moral sensitivity and psychopathic traits. The sample consisted of 520 university students aged between 17 and 49 years (M = 20.69; SD = 3.67). For data collection, the Self‐Report Psychopathy Scale ‐ III (SRP‐III), the Ethical Sensitivity Scale Questionnaire (ESSQ) and a socio‐demographic questionnaire were used.\n\n\nResults\nIt was concluded that psychopathy is negatively associated with moral sensitivity.\n\n\nConclusions\nIt is possible to observe the importance that moral sensitivity plays as it can function as a protective factor in the development of psychopathic traits.\n\n"]