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Consequences of child maltreatment victimisation in internalising and externalising mental health problems

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Legal and Criminological Psychology

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["Legal and Criminological Psychology, Volume 27, Issue 2, Page 182-193, September 2022. ", "\nAbstract\n\nPurpose\nThe literature on the prevalence of child maltreatment is extensive, but studies are required to assess the impact on mental health to enhance the effectiveness of intervention programs.\n\n\nMethod\nThus, a field study was undertaken to evaluate depression, anxiety, and anger in 65 child victims of multiple types of maltreatment.\n\n\nResults\nThe results showed that child maltreatment victim (CM‐V) reported more depressive (36%), anxiety (45%), and anger (69%) symptoms than the normative sample. However, subjects were asymptomatic in approximately 25% of depression, 20% anxiety, and 5% of anger. Epidemiologically, the results revealed that the probability of caseness among the CM‐Vs sample increased to around 85% for depression and anxiety and 90% for anger.\n\n\nConclusions\nThe clinical, social, and legal implications of the results are discussed.\n\n"]