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People’s Response to the Climate Emergency in India


American Journal of Economics and Sociology

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["The American Journal of Economics and Sociology, Volume 81, Issue 2, Page 321-337, March 2022. ", "\nAbstract\nClimate change is happening, and we have been forewarned of the consequences. Since it is caused largely by human action, a lot can be done to avert the detrimental consequences. But getting political support for action is difficult because the hardest‐hit people are marginalized groups that have little political power, including indigenous communities. Greta Thunberg and groups that agree with her view are emerging worldwide to promote action; nevertheless, the magnitude of public response and action is inadequate. This article highlights the adversities caused by the climate emergency in India and the efforts of indigenous communities to take effective action. In its conclusion, this article makes suggestions about ways to respond appropriately to the climate emergency.\n"]