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Emphasizing Actions Over Words: A Chinese Perspective on Thunberg’s Protest

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American Journal of Economics and Sociology

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["The American Journal of Economics and Sociology, Volume 81, Issue 2, Page 287-303, March 2022. ", "\nAbstract\nFridays for Future, an environmental protection campaign initiated by Greta Thunberg, has received a lot of attention worldwide. Some have suggested that Greta is a prodigy of climate activism. By analyzing Thunberg’s protests and the Protestant culture behind them, we argue that the climate movement has failed to tackle the climate crisis. We then advance an alternative approach from the perspective of Chinese culture that points to more practical solutions, insisting that political activism must reflect the broader culture if it is to win the support and participation of the people. Whether activism can help resolve the climate crisis or not depends on the will of the people. While protest is sometimes an effective way to address social and political problems, its purpose is ultimately to inspire action. In solving societal problems, Chinese people pay special attention to process, balance, and practical action. The evidence shows that, so long as Chinese people can do so, they will safeguard their homes and protect their environment based on sentiments that are deeply rooted in Chinese culture. The cultural practice embodied by the Chinese adage “change starts with me, change starts now” offers a practical solution to the current climate crisis.\n"]