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Borges In My Office: The Analysis Of A Man Dwelling Outside Of Time


The Psychoanalytic Quarterly

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This article weaves together two threads: the intricacies of the analysis of a difficult‐to‐reach yet extraordinary patient and the literary works of Jorge Luis Borges, which played a significant role in the analysis as a source of inspiration, enriching the analyst's reverie and opening up new psychic spaces. The authors demonstrate the analyst's recourse to several of Borges's stories in order to enrich his own inner world and to better understand the analysand. Some of these stories are briefly presented through the analyst's dialogue with them, and there is a discussion of their function in facilitating the process of working through issues of time, memory, mortality, and identity, contributing to the enhancement of the patient's ability to come face to face with the unwanted, split‐off parts of his self and of reality.