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Structural Reforms and Macroeconomic Performance in the Euro Area Countries: A Model‐Based Assessment

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International Finance

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The recent financial crisis is likely to have damaged the potential output of many countries belonging to the euro area. Moreover, the heterogeneity in long‐run macroeconomic performance among Member States may not be sustainable in the presence of strong monetary and financial integration, thus suggesting the need for coordinating structural reforms. Using a multi‐country dynamic general equilibrium model of the euro area, we assess the macroeconomic effects of increasing competition in the labour and services markets in Germany and the rest of the euro area and, in an alternative scenario, Portugal and the rest of the euro area. Our main results suggest that (i) a unilateral increase in competition in the labour and services markets would increase long‐run output; and that (ii) cross‐country coordination would make the macroeconomic performance of the different regions more homogeneous, in terms of both price competitiveness and of real activity.