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Corporate Crime in Albania: Building the Path to Face a New Form of Criminality

European Journal on Criminal Policy and Research

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The vital role of the private entities activity was an undeniable reality for the Albanian post-totalitarian society. The economic regime based on the freedom of economic initiative led to the creation and operation of an increasing number of private companies performing their activities in various areas of life. With the passing of time, the positive impact of these activities performed by privately owned entities was associated with some illegal conduct that contained elements of criminal offences. Breach of environmental and work safety regulations, smuggling, corruption in the private sector, as well as laundering of criminal proceeds were among the main violations which began to take place in the framework of privately owned businesses. First, this paper aims to present some of the main speculations and trends of corporate crime in Albania and the possible institutional and practical aspects contributing to illegal corporate behaviour. Further, the study is focused on the legislative actions taken to respond to the challenges of a new form of crime carried out in complex collective organisations. The conclusion of this paper addresses some policy matters. On a first glance, a special emphasis covers the essential role of the companies in promoting internal incentives which encourage lawful conduct, and on the other side is noted that the authority of the law and proper law enforcment in the respective area, remain determinant factors for encouraging and ensuring compliance to law provisions.