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The Importance of Supervisor Support for Effective Hotel Employees: An Empirical Investigation in Cameroon

Cornell Hospitality Quarterly

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Supervisors’ support of employees promotes job embeddedness, which in turn encourages such essential job outcomes as effective employee performance and reduced employee turnover. The empirical research model tested in this study found that job embeddedness mediates the relationship between supervisor support and such organizationally valued job outcomes as service recovery performance, job performance, and turnover intentions. Data were obtained from 212 full-time frontline hotel employees and their immediate supervisors in four upscale hotels in Cameroon. By taking two surveys a month apart, the study could begin to assess the effects of job embeddedness on voluntary turnover. The chief implication for the hotel industry is that supervisors need to be given the tools to encourage and assist their employees. In addition, the hotel can establish human resource policies that give employees a chance to work as teams and become even more embedded in the organization.