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Preliminary Evaluation of a Family Treatment Component to Augment a School-Based Intervention Serving Low-Income Families

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Journal of Emotional and Behavioral Disorders

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This pilot feasibility study provided a preliminary test of a community-partnered intervention that targeted engaging parents and improving parent functioning. This intervention was combined with the Cognitive-Behavioral Intervention for Trauma in Schools (CBITS), allowing for a comparison of the CBITS-as-usual (CBITS) with the CBITS-plus-family treatment component (CBITS + Family). This study used a quasi-experimental design, capitalizing on ongoing CBITS implementation within a school system. A total of 19 parent–student dyads participated in CBITS groups and 21 parent–student dyads participated in CBITS + Family groups. Parents and students under both conditions completed pre- and posttreatment measures. Participants were from low-income, predominantly Latino families. Children were 59% female with an average age of 11.83 years. Parents who received the family treatment component reported higher satisfaction and attended a greater proportion of sessions than parents who received CBITS. In addition, parents who received the family treatment component reported improvements in primary control coping, secondary control coping, family loyalty and closeness, as well as decreases in involuntary engagement and family passive appraisal. Parents who received the family component also showed more warmth, monitoring, and less inconsistency at post-intervention. Results suggest that the family component may contribute to improved parent functioning that could benefit children in the long term.