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Training School Personnel to Identify Interventions Based on Functional Behavioral Assessment

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Journal of Emotional and Behavioral Disorders

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Over 15 years after passage of legislation requiring the use of functional behavioral assessment (FBA) to inform the development of positive behavior support plans (BSPs) in special education, schools are still struggling to implement BSPs based on FBA and the function of behavior. A primary concern is that school teams regularly fail to use function of behavior to generate behavioral interventions, even after completing an FBA and receiving training. The current study evaluated outcomes of an efficient 60-min training that taught explicit strategies for using function of behavior and FBA information to identify function-based intervention through modeling, guided practice, and feedback using student vignettes for escape-maintained and attention-maintained behaviors. The training yielded significant, positive results in participants’ ability to identify function-based interventions on behavioral vignettes. Future research and next steps are suggested for expanding the training to address the challenge of extending the science of FBA to guide the implementation of effective behavioral interventions in schools.