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Consolidating Inter-Media Agenda-Setting Research in Ghana: A Study of Associational Relationships Among Wire, Online, and Print News Media

Journal of Black Studies

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Inter-media agenda setting has assumed growing relevance in the field of media and communication studies. However, there is still a paucity of research regarding how the concept operates within the African media landscape. This research attempts to extend the inter-media agenda-setting concept to sub-Saharan Africa by examining relationships between a wire service (Ghana News Agency [GNA]— and the online versions of three other news organizations in Ghana (,, and Results indicate that GNA’s agenda at Time 1 influenced the issue agendas of Daily Guide, Daily Graphic, and Ghanaweb at Time 2. There were no reciprocal relationships between the three other news media and GNA. While few previous studies have researched this subject, the present study argues that subjecting inter-media agenda-setting dynamics in Ghana to further tests enables us to better understand the theory’s utility in an emerging African media terrain.