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Electronic monitoring: international and comparative perspectives


Crime, Law and Social Change

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The past three decades have increasingly witnessed the adoption of electronic monitoring (EM) technologies by countries around the world; these technologies have become central to the ways justice agencies accomplish many of their objectives, in a variety of settings. As such, investigating how EM illustrates and forecasts the emerging landscape of punishment and control is a timely project for a journal dedicated to the study of crime, law, and social change. With the advent of technologies that track and remotely observe offender populations, monitor compliance with rules and restrictions, and provide virtual detention and incarceration, a range of philosophical, penological, legal, socio-cultural, and practical concerns are raised; many of these topics are addressed by the contributors to this special issue. A host of parties—from politicians to judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys, budget hawks, offenders, and even victims—benefit from the adoption of EM in that it appears to enh ...