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Do Environmental Sustainable Practices of Organic Wine Suppliers Affect Consumers' Behavioral Intentions? The Moderating Role of Trust

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Cornell Hospitality Quarterly

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Growing consumer interest in sustainable products and an increased emphasis on supply chain relationships within the organic wine industry necessitate a more in-depth understanding of the effects of consumer perceptions about the sustainable practices of organic wine producers and retailers (suppliers). This study focuses on consumer perceptions about sustainable practices used by organic wine suppliers along with consumer attitudes pertaining to organic wine attributes. Results suggest that consumer perceptions of sustainable practices by wine producers affect the outcomes of consumers’ decision making relative to organic wine. In addition, this study found that consumer attitudes about organic wine attributes related to the environment, health, and price had significant effects upon behavioral intentions. The moderating effects of trust on these perceptions are also considered. Findings indicate consumers that trust wine retailers are more likely to engage in positive outcomes. Numerous implications regarding organic wine supply chain management and future research are identified.