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Domesticating artificial intelligence: Expanding human self-expression through applications of artificial intelligence in prosumption

Journal of Consumer Culture

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The need for self-expression influences individuals in their preferences for goods and how they obtain them. One way for individuals to express themselves is through the prosumption of original unique goods. It is explained how the traditional trade-off between the originality and economy of such goods can be addressed through applications of artificial intelligence. However, although applications of artificial intelligence can transcend the originality/economy trade-off, they cannot transcend differences between cultures that value scarcity and cultures that value sharing. Nonetheless, applications of artificial intelligence can expand human self-expression because they can reduce barriers, such as lack of production skills, to prosumers realizing their own original ideas. With reference to technologies’ cultural domestication, it is explained that rather than artificial intelligence being either a miracle or a monster, the potential of artificial intelligence is mediated by multiple considerations.