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German and British Consumer Willingness to Pay for Beef Labeled with Food Safety Attributes

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Journal of Agricultural Economics

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The European Union has implemented some of the most stringent food safety policies for beef globally, ranging from banning growth hormones to mandating country of origin labeling. Using choice experiments and random parameter logit models, we examine German and British consumer willingness to pay (WTP) for American, Canadian, Argentinian, French, German and British beef, quality assurance seals, hormone‐free beef production and a gourmet label. We also determine how consumer WTP for these food safety and quality attributes is affected by the extent to which consumers consider food safety issues (FSI). Results indicate that British consumers had the lowest WTP for beef from Argentina and German consumers had the lowest WTP for beef from Great Britain. The hormone‐free label was the relatively most preferred label by consumers in both countries, and by those who considered FSI to affect their meat consumption patterns.