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SCOPED‐W: SCalable Online Platform for extracting Environmental Data and Water‐related model outputs

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Transactions in GIS

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This article presents SCOPED, an innovative approach for extracting environmental data using OGC services. In the field of water resource management, SCOPED‐W (‘W’ for ‘Water’) is a method that was developed in the framework of EU/FP7 IASON and EOPOWER projects. This platform supports the collection of data required to build a Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) model and the uptake, spatialization and dissemination of raw data generated from the outputs of different SWAT models for the Black Sea region. Scientists are documenting the data served by the platform in ISO standardized metadata to support informed use. SCOPED‐W primarily targets the community of SWAT users in the Black Sea region but it can easily be replicated in other geographical areas. Additionally, the SCOPED approach is based on data interoperability that makes it fully compatible with other domains of application as demonstrated here with three original use cases. The article also highlights the benefits of the approach for the GEO community and discusses future improvements for supporting integration with other platforms such as UNEP Live.