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Design and validation of a knowledge map system—the case of construction industry in Taiwan

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Human Factors and Ergonomics in Manufacturing & Service Industries

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Knowledge map systems (KMSs) have recently received widespread attention. A review of the literature shows that relatively few studies explicitly address the issues of implementation and user evaluation of the system and are limited in application. In view of this dilemma, this study aims to integrate the key features of knowledge assets maps, knowledge sources maps, knowledge structure maps, and knowledge task maps in order to develop an operational KMS. Also, the technology acceptance model was used as the theoretical basis for the assessment of user acceptance of the system, which is validated using structural equation modeling. In terms of user acceptance assessment, our empirical results shows that the perceived usefulness and perceived ease of use will positively affect user attitude toward the proposed KMS. Also, our results suggest that social defense negatively moderates the effect of attitude toward the system on behavior intention. Furthermore, we found that the management system also positively moderates the effect of attitude toward the system on behavior intention. On the basis of theoretical evaluation and empirical investigation, we hope that the proposed construction of a knowledge system can serve as references for both academic and related practical fields.