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An innovative GPS trajectory data based model for geographic recommendation service

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Transactions in GIS

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Geographic services based on GPS trajectory data, such as location prediction and recommender services, have received increasing attention because of their potential social and commercial benefits. In this study, a Geographic Service Recommender Model (GSRM) is proposed, which loosely comprises three essential steps. Firstly, location sequences are obtained through a clustering operation on GPS locations. To improve efficiency, a programming model with a distributed algorithm is employed to accelerate the clustering. Secondly, in order to mine spatial and temporal information from the cluster trajectory, an algorithm (MiningMP) is designed. Last but not least, the next possible location to which the user will travel is predicted. An integrated framework of GSRM could then be constructed and provide the appropriate geographic recommendation service by considering location sequences as well as other related semantic information. Experiments were conducted based on real GPS trajectories from Microsoft Research Asia (182 users within a period of five years). The experimental results clearly demonstrate that our proposed GSRM model is effective and efficient at predicting locations and can provide users with personalized smart recommendation services in the following possible position with excellent performance in scalability, adaptability, and quality of service.