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Geometric quality assessment of trajectory‐generated VGI road networks based on the symmetric arc similarity

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Transactions in GIS

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As large amounts of trajectories from a wide variety of Volunteered Geographic Information (referred to as VGI) contributors pour into the spatial database, the geometric qualities of the VGI road networks generated from these trajectories are different from the ground truth road dataset and so need to be differently assessed. To address this issue, an assessment approach based on symmetric arc similarity is proposed, and the geometric quality of a VGI road network is assessed by its conformity with the corresponding ground truth road network, the results being visualized as hierarchical thematic maps. To compute the conformity, the geometric similarity between the VGI road arc and the corresponding ground truth road arc, which is selected by the adaptive searching distance, is measured based on the symmetric arc similarity method; the geometric quality is assessed based on an assessment matrix. Also, the symmetric arc similarity method is independent of directions and with a feature of shift‐independence, which is applicable to assess the geometric qualities of different VGI road networks and makes the assessment result consistent with the actual situation of the real world. The robustness and scalability of the approach are examined using VGI road networks from different sources.