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Improving the occupational skills of students with intellectual disability by applying video prompting combined with dance pads

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Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities

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Background Individuals with intellectual disability (ID) are prone to inattention, are slow in learning and reaction, and have deficits in memory skills. Providing proper vocational education and training for individuals with intellectual disability is able to enhance their occupational skills. Materials and Methods This study applied video prompting to provide instructional prompts to help participants accurately perform an assigned occupational activity. A control system installed with developed software was used to turn a standard dance pad into a sensor to detect the participants’ standing position and to automatically trigger video prompting. Results The results show that the participants’ correct performance of the target behaviour improved significantly after their exposure to the video prompting intervention, and this positive outcome remained consistent during the maintenance phase. Conclusion Video prompting combined with dance pads was a feasible approach to improving the occupational skills of the three students with intellectual disability.