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Tourism and nationalism in the production of regional culture: the shaping of Majorca's popular songbook between 1837 and 1936

Nations and Nationalism

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--- - |2 Abstract This article offers a microhistorical approach to the shaping of regional cultures during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries to show that this process was not only imposed from centres of nationalisation as a complement of national identity, but that it also had to be negotiated with elites in provinces at the periphery. Specifically, the article looks at how the regional songbook of Majorca took shape between 1837 and 1936. In this process of musical regionalisation, the cultural authority of the tourism and colonial discourse about the island was strategically exploited by local musicians to gain some share of power from below in negotiating their own regional identity with nationalising institutions. In this way, the Spanish and Catalan national identities being projected over the island were ultimately decentred and transformed. - Nations and Nationalism, Volume 24, Issue 3, Page 695-715, July 2018.