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An integrative review of multicomponent weight management interventions for adults with intellectual disabilities

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Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities

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Background Obesity is more prevalent in people with intellectual disabilities and increases the risk of developing serious medical conditions. UK guidance recommends multicomponent weight management interventions (MCIs), tailored for different population groups. Methods An integrative review utilizing systematic review methodology was conducted to identify the types of MCIs delivered to adults with intellectual disabilities. Findings Five studies were identified. All of the studies' MCIs were tailored for adults with intellectual disabilities. Tailoring included measures such as simplified communication tools, individualized sessions, and the presence of carers where appropriate. Conclusions Emerging evidence suggests ways in which MCIs can be tailored for adults with intellectual disabilities but, given the few studies identified, it is not possible to recommend how they can be routinely tailored. Further studies are justified for adults with intellectual disabilities at risk of obesity‐related conditions.