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Peer‐reviewed articles on inclusive research: Do co‐researchers with intellectual disabilities have a voice?


Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities

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Background Inclusive research is increasingly common in intellectual disabilities research, but ways in which voice of co‐researchers with intellectual disabilities is presented remain underexplored in the literature. Materials and Method The authors conducted a literature review and analysis of peer‐reviewed journal articles reporting on inclusive research. The aim was to explore the ways the voices of co‐researchers with intellectual disabilities are represented in published peer‐reviewed journal articles. Results The findings indicate that there are a wide range of ways in which inclusive research projects are reported in peer‐reviewed journals. However, the experiences, views and opinions of co‐researchers are often either absent or very selectively reported. Conclusions The article concludes that although inclusive research has proliferated in the 21st century, more attention needs to be paid to the ways in which the voices of co‐researchers with intellectual disabilities are heard in formal academic contexts. Guidelines for future practice are offered.