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Transnationalism and intra‐European mobility among Europe's second generation: review and research agenda

Global Networks

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--- - |2 Abstract Most studies on second‐generation transnationalism focus on transnational practices that connect the country of residence to the ancestral home. The second generation, however, is likely to develop other forms of mobility and different destination countries. Particularly in Europe, where citizens have a right to free movement, connecting research on migrant transnationalism to that on intra‐European mobility and the emergence of collective identities allows us more fully to capture second‐generation transnationalism and alternative forms of mobility, including their determinants and consequences. By way of a literature review and a research agenda, I point out the merits of connecting the two research traditions by focusing on the link between transnational ways of being and belonging, national and local contexts that act as push and pull factors for transnationalism and mobilities, and the potential for methodological innovation. - 'Global Networks, Volume 18, Issue 4, Page 608-624, October 2018. '