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Mediated remittances: transnational economic contributions from second‐generation Filipino Americans

Global Networks

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--- - |2 Abstract In this article, I explore the varying logic of second‐generation Filipino‐Americans' decisions to send economic support to family members in the Philippines. I extend the conceptual framework of remittance scripts to that of second‐generation migrants. I find that second‐generation Filipino Americans rely heavily on their first‐generation migrant parents to mediate both remittance requests and sending. As a result, respondents send what I refer to as ‘mediated remittances’. This type of remittance among second‐generation migrants leads to material, relational, and emotional aspects of a transaction being directed towards both first‐generation migrants, as well as non‐migrant recipients. Furthermore, I discuss the repertoire of scripts that second‐generation migrants employ when refusing the request to remit. Analysis of the emotional milieu associated with decisions to remit or not remit reveals an additional dimension beyond the sender–recipient dyad with the inclusion of a mediator. In doing so, this article sheds light on how second‐generation migrants participate in the transnational social field. - Global Networks, Volume 18, Issue 3, Page 500-517, July 2018.