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Age‐based stereotype threat and negative outcomes in the workplace: Exploring the role of identity integration

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European Journal of Social Psychology

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--- - |2 Abstract Previous studies have shown that the presence of age‐based stereotypes in the workplace is often associated with lower levels of work engagement and adjustment among older employees. This study examines possible mediators and moderators of this relationship using data from a sample of 2,348 older (age > 50) employees at the Italian national rail company. We test a model in which the effects of age‐based stereotype threat on organizational involvement, future time perspective, and psychological well‐being are mediated by work–age identity integration (how much individuals see their age and organizational identities as compatible and blended). Secondly, we explored whether these effects are moderated by gender and job status. Results indicate that age‐based stereotypes are associated with negative outcomes for employees’ work and personal adjustment, and that these relationships are partially mediated by variations in work–age identity integration. - European Journal of Social Psychology, EarlyView.