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School Sector and Climate: An Analysis of K–12 Safety Policies and School Climates in Indiana


Social Science Quarterly

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--- - |2+ Objective We evaluate differences in school‐safety‐related practices and problems between school sectors (private, public charter, and traditional public) in Indiana in 2018. Methods Using survey data collected from 618 school leaders in the state, we empirically examine the relationship between school sector and the reported presence of school‐safety‐related practices and problems occurring at school. Subgroup analyses based on voucher program participation status, school level, and location are also performed. Results After controlling for factors such as school type, enrollment, number of students eligible for the federal free and reduced‐price lunch, the number of minority students and teachers, and urbanicity, we find evidence to suggest that private and charter schools tend to report fewer discipline problems while employing fewer disciplinary practices than traditional public schools. Conclusion Our descriptive results suggest that school sector may play a role in producing positive school environments. Further research is needed to better understand short‐ and long‐run consequences of school safety problems and how school safety and school sector might affect students’ academic and life trajectories. - 'Social Science Quarterly, EarlyView. '