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A Queer Sociology: On Power, Race, and Decentering Whiteness


Sociological Forum

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["\nIn this article, we argue for “a queer sociology” that centers race and processes of racialization, while naming and decentering Whiteness. “A queer sociology” is a field that foregrounds relations of power, particularly: race, class, empire, gender and gender identity, and sexuality, and that does not use queer in a reductionist way (or merely in reference to LGBT identity‐based projects). We question the uses of queer theory in sociology and show how previous iterations miss/ignore multiple genealogies of the field, like Black feminist thought, women of color feminisms, and the queer of color critique. “A queer sociology” centers power relations beyond gender and sexuality, recognizing the invisible and overarching work of Whiteness and the US (as unnamed centers of analyses) in structuring not only the sociology of sexualities, but sociological thinking overall. We invite sociology to engage with our theorization of “a queer sociology” as a way to transform our categories of analysis and how we conceive of power.\n", "Sociological Forum, EarlyView. "]