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Mixed‐method social network analysis for multi‐sited transnational migration research

Global Networks

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["\nAbstract\nFollowing the recent call to combine social network analysis (SNA) approaches in the study of migrant networks and their contextualization within transnational economic, social, legal and political frameworks, in this article, I review recent studies that combine mixed‐methods SNA with observational methods in the study of transnational social networks. Such studies have enabled the collection of rich and contextualized data across multiple sites, helping to address the conundrum facing transnational migration researchers: how to combine breadth and depth in transnational data collection. Mixed‐method SNA combines quantitative and qualitative SNA methods together with in‐depth repeated interviews and observations. The article shows how mixed‐method SNA helps to address three particular challenges of doing transnational migration research: designing a transnational research project; studying transnational relationships as ‘worked at'; and capturing the dynamic and changing nature of transnational relationships as embedded within multiple environments (social, legal, economic and political) in which they take place.\n", "Global Networks, EarlyView. "]