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Nationalism in the neoliberal order: Old wine in new bottles?

Nations and Nationalism

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["Nations and Nationalism, Volume 27, Issue 4, Page 960-975, October 2021. ", "\nAbstract\nThis paper explores the forms and contents of contemporary nationalism in Europe and North America, what used to be called the ‘West’. This nationalism responds in opposite and sometimes contradictory ways to a neoliberal order of globalization, welfare‐state retreat and a heightened sense of insecurity. I distinguish between populist and statist forms of contemporary nationalism, and within the statist between a compensatory and a constitutive logic of linking it with neoliberalism. Under the constitutive logic, nationalism may adopt certain features of the neoliberal order itself, which yields a ‘neoliberal nationalism’. Nonethnic yet exclusive of those who are not contributing, this is a new entry in the nations and nationalism lexicon.\n"]