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Perceived Barriers to Postdivorce Coparenting: Differences Between Men and Women and Associations with Coparenting Behaviors

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Family Relations / Family Relations Interdisciplinary Journal of Applied Family Studies

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Using data from 291 divorced mothers and fathers, we compared their perceptions of how much legal‐financial, time‐logistics, and parental fitness barriers influenced their postdivorce coparenting, and we tested the associations between these barriers to postdivorce coparenting and self‐reported coparenting behaviors. Men perceived greater legal‐financial and time‐logistics barriers to postdivorce coparenting than did women, but no gender differences were found for perceived parental fitness barriers. In hierarchical regression analyses, perceived legal‐financial and parental fitness barriers were associated with mothers' coparenting behaviors; fathers' postdivorce coparenting behaviors were associated only with perceived legal‐financial barriers. Neither men's nor women's postdivorce coparenting behaviors were associated with time‐logistics barriers to postdivorce coparenting. Family professionals could support postdivorce coparents by reframing detrimental perceptions, helping parents navigate economic challenges, and providing resources or counseling for couples experiencing mental health challenges or abuse.