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Measuring Cultural Socialization Attitudes and Behaviors of Mexican‐Origin Mothers with Young Children: A Longitudinal Investigation

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Family Relations / Family Relations Interdisciplinary Journal of Applied Family Studies

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We describe the development and psychometric testing of the Cultural Socialization Behaviors Measure (CSBM) and the Cultural Socialization Attitudes Measure (CSAM). The CSBM assesses cultural socialization behaviors that parents use with young children, and the CSAM assesses the attitudes that parents have regarding the importance of socializing their young children about their culture. Both measures demonstrated strong reliability, validity, and cross‐language equivalence (i.e., Spanish and English) among a sample of 204 Mexican‐origin young mothers (Mage = 20.94 years, SD = 1.01) with 4‐year‐old children. In addition, the measures demonstrated longitudinal equivalence when children were 4 and 5 years of age.