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Dads Tuning In to Kids: Preliminary Evaluation of a Fathers' Parenting Program

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Family Relations / Family Relations Interdisciplinary Journal of Applied Family Studies

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We investigated outcomes of Dads Tuning In to Kids, a new seven‐session group program targeting paternal emotion‐socialization practices, which are related to children's social and emotional functioning. In a randomized control trial with 162 fathers of children between 3 and 6 years of age, intervention fathers (n = 87) and waitlist control fathers (n = 75) completed questionnaires at baseline (pre‐program) and 10 weeks later (post‐program). Compared to control fathers, intervention fathers statistically increased in empathy, encouragement of emotion expression, and parenting efficacy, and decreased in emotion‐dismissing beliefs, dismissive reactions to children's negative emotions, and hostile parenting responses. They also reported improved child behavior. These findings offer preliminary support for this program for fathers.