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Photovoice in research involving people with intellectual disabilities: A guided photovoice approach as an alternative

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Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities

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Background In studies involving people with intellectual disabilities, photovoice is increasingly used to include the voice of participants. Analysing existing literature, the present authors found that photovoice was used in various forms with different outcomes. These studies describe both obstructing and facilitating factors. The present authors designed a more standardized approach of photovoice and developed an alternative strategy: “guided photovoice.” Method The “guided photovoice” approach was tested on fourteen participants with intellectual disabilities. The outcomes of the approach were evaluated. Results The effectiveness of the approach varied with the participants’ capabilities and needs. Some participants were talked more while taking photographs, others told their story easily during the interviews. The use of follow‐up questions was helpful to deepen the interview. Conclusions A more standardized, guided photovoice approach is a helpful addition to the various options for using photovoice; it is important to decide which approach best fits the needs and capabilities of the participants.